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Covington Walk of Stars: Miss Evers' Boys

misseversboysThe Covington Walk of Stars Tour is a tour that brings you closer to the places where your favorite Television shows and Movies were filmed.  Covington is home of where over 60 films and shows were shot.  The ninth stop on the tour is where portion of the Miss Evers’ Boys was filmed, which was released in 1997.  The title of film, Miss Evers’ Boys  was given in reference to the singing and dancing group that was named after the main character of the story, Nurse Evers.

Miss Evers’ Boys is a true story based on the decade-long Tuskegee study, which was a study about the progression of untreated Syphilis in African American’s.  The reasoning behind the experiment was to see if Whites and African Americans reacted the same way if Syphilis were left untreated. At the beginning of the study there were about 410 African American participants, by the time the public realized what was going on in the study in 1970, there were only 127 participants still living. 

The movie is based off the perceptive of Nurse Eunice Evers, played by Alfre Woodard.  Throughout her time as a nurse in this study, she knew what was going on around her and how the patients were being mistreated but she said nothing because she felt as if her place was to console the men that are involved in the study.  As she spent more and more time with these men, she started to develop relationships with them, she would comfort them as they suffered through the physical and mental debilities and as they died. 

                It was in this film that Alfre Woodard won the Golden Globe Award, an Emmy, a Screen Writers Guild award, and many for Best Actress, in 1998.  Despite many nominations, this is these were the only awards that were given for the film Miss Evers’ Boys.

It is a true story that is surely to make you realize what those men went through and how it affected those who treated them.

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