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Covington History: Civil War 1860-1920
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Covington History: Civil War 1860-1920

For those historians in our midst, Covington is a treasure trove. As a Southern town that was coming into itself during the Civil War, it has plenty of history in relation to it. There are physical  reminders  of those times in the architecture from the 1800's, that’s still not only standing, but in pristine shape. We believe heavily that our past shapes who we are, and the history of Covington has heavily defined us.

During the Civil War, we did not experience any battles on our grounds, but it's influence was felt deeply. Shortage of goods like sugar, salt, and coffee were in short supply, but being a rural area, most had enough land to plant small gardens. The greatest every-day difference was the large gap in the white male population, who had mostly gone off to fight for the Confederate side during the war. 

During the summer and fall of 1864, the Battle of Atlanta raged as both sides of the war competed for dominance over the area and General Sherman delivered his ingenious strategy of choking out the South by cutting off their routes. By destroying railroads in key positions, they severely crippled the Confederate resistance, who could no longer transport resources to their allies. His forces passed through Covington on July 22, the same day the battle began. Reports after they passed showed his Union soldiers destroyed a great deal of private property despite General Sherman's strict orders not to and burned down a newly built hospital.

After the Civil War, however, Covington was unsure how to move on. The South's absorbance into the Union meant that slavery was now abolished, and that critically changed the way the agricultural economy of not only Covington, but Georgia and the rest of the South worked. Reconstruction lasted from 1865-1877 and was rapid, and in fact Covington saw a resurgence of prosperity not seen prior to the Antebellum period. 

Today, Covington is a bustling suburban town with various rural aspects that have much to show for it. Known as The Original Hollywood of the South®, we are excited to help you with information for your next visit here. If you're interested in learning more about this historic place, come visit and get your share of our charming Southern hospitality.

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