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Covington Historic Tours: Covington Mill Opens

Covington, Georgia is a town full of history.  The growth of industries and businesses in the city provides a wealth of historical information for anyone interested in Georgia history.  Here is another video by Blair On the Square about the opening of the Covington Mill.  

About 10 years after the Porterdale cotton mill opened, a 2nd textile opened and began operating north of the Covington Square called Covington mill.  This Covington Mill operated a full 12 hours a day from 6am to 6pm to produce the cotton products that the town could then sell.  This was essential to building the city of Covington into a financially secure place to live.  The mill looked after its employees, with a July BBQ and a Christmas sack of fruit for employee's children.  This was often the only fruit these children saw all year long.  The mill operating during the great depression and was able to sustain the town's economy during the depression.  A now famous name in Covington, Robert Arnold moved to the town in 1932 to work as an executive in the Covington mill.  He became president of the Mill in 1945 and led until 1956, when it was sold.

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