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Cemetery Tales: Cemeteries in Covington
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Cemetery Tales: Cemeteries in Covington

For those of you that don’t already know, Covington has a lengthy history. Covington’s roots date back to the early 1800s, and the evidence of our glorious past is quite literally ingrained into our community. With that being said, our county has eleven beautiful cemeteries, each with their own unique stories. However, all of the cemeteries truly encompass Covington’s lifeblood, with each cemetery beautifully and respectfully immortalizing the people and history that are buried deep within the rich Georgia soil. In fact, there are many reasons to admire Covington’s cemeteries, so we’d like to name just a few. 

1.    Each Cemetery’s Unique Artistry  

A big reason to visit a cemetery is to marvel at the intricately designed and visually captivating architecture thatcraftsmen have incorporated on graves, tombstones, and other similar structures. The Covington City Cemetery, for example, has an incredibly diverse assortment of architecture. For instance, some obelisks in this cemetery were created in the 19thcentury with an Egyptian revival architectural style, a popular choice at the time. For the more architecturally inclined, we suggest that visitors try to point out any visual contrasts between the antique structures and their more modern counterparts. 

2.    Historical Significance

Another amazing aspect about Covington’s cemeteries is the rich history behind each plot of land. Again, the Covington City Cemetery is an excellent example that comes to mind. It was designed so that each plot of land is uniquely dedicated to preserving a certain aspect of Covington’s history. The cemetery contains five distinct sections of land divided as such: The City section, Northeastern (Confederate) plot, Old Cemetery, Memorial Garden, and the Old Methodist section. Interestingly enough, Covington’s pioneer families are located in Northwestern plot, commonly known as the Old Methodist section. 


3.    Hauntings

We can’t talk about cemeteries without mentioning the mystifyingly supernatural aspects as well. When visiting any of Covington’s cemeteries, we recommend that you come equipped with your favorite ghost stories as well! There’s no bigger thrill than wandering around an eerie cemetery while envisioning the ghosts that may unexpectedly pop out from behind a nearby headstone. 


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