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5 Best New Year’s Resolutions for Travelers
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5 Best New Year’s Resolutions for Travelers


It’s the New Year, and we hope Newton County is a destination you’re thinking of when making your resolutions. Let us help point you in the right direction! When you travel to our area, you can make your New Year’s resolutions around volunteer tourism, ecotourism, and other fun ways.

Here are some ideas.

Travel for a cause.

Link your resolutions to something you care about – like a good cause. You might not realize that travel can change lives, but it can. When you travel for a cause, you are making a difference in others’ lives and their community while having an experience of a lifetime. You are choosing your destination with a purpose.

If your interest is volunteer tourism, then your purpose might be to help build local communities through Newton County Habitat for Humanity or Washington Street Community Center. If your interest is in music and theater, then you might want to increase awareness about our local arts through the Arts Association in Newton County. In addition, you can support a cause through a festival promotion.

Become a traveling runner.

If your resolution is to be healthier, running can be the perfect way for travelers to be fit. You don’t need any special equipment, and you can easily add it into your schedule with an early morning run. When your destination is Newton County, you’ve got options for running in a 5K. On February 29 through March 2, Relay for Life is hosting the Run for Hope 5K in Covington. The Hornet Hustle is on March 7 in Mansfield. On April 18 is the Covington Y Cheerios Challenge.

Learn more about conservation and nature.

Many of our visitors travel to Newton County for ecotourism in hunting and fishing. A good resolution for you might be to learn more about conservation and nature. Learn through programs and events at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center each month. Georgia Wildlife Federation also has programs and events throughout the county.

Take to the trails.

Another healthy resolution would be to hit the various trail systems in our area. Newton Trails is a non-profit organization that creates, maintains and promotes multi-use trails and pathways in Newton County, Georgia. They regularly arrange hikes around the area. You can also plan solo hikes as well as with your friends or family. Some of our popular trails include the Oxford Trail, Cricket Frog Trail, and Yellow River Trail.

Participate in a Cleanup Event

If you want to give back more of your time this year, one area of volunteer tourism that people often travel for is cleanup events. These events bring large groups together so people can do good while also meeting new people with similar interests. Keep Covington Newton Beautiful hosts The Great American Cleanup on March 28. Georgia Wildlife Federation and Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center also offer volunteer opportunities for various activities including cleanup events.

A new year brings new goals. When you make New Year’s resolutions around an activity you want to do, and a destination you want to visit, you are more likely to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. Newton County offers amazing possibilities with a range of exciting events and activities to suit your traveling goals!

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