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Newton County, Georgia has just under 175,000 acres of rolling, Piedmont soil. Early settlers found beautiful woodlands of virgin pine and hardwood trees of chestnut, oak, poplar, red cedar, black gum and sweet gum. The clearing of land for cultivation released thousands of acres of deep fertile topsoil with a good red clay subsoil base. Coupled with these resources were three major rivers: the Alcovy, the South and the Yellow. These would eventually provide power for the operation of gristmills, sawmills, and other plants for the processing of Newton County agriculture products in the county.

Crops that have been successfully grown as Newton County agriculture include barley, corn, grain sorghum, hay, oats, peaches, pecans, peanuts, rye, soybeans, sweet potatoes, watermelons and wheat. Farmers have been efficient producers in beef cattle, broilers, dairying, eggs, sheep, swine and turkeys during the span of time for each commodity. Newton County agriculture of the early days was carried out by the use of domestic animals (horses, mules and oxen) and primitive hand tools.

The saw timber and pulpwood industry has contributed much to the economy of Newton County, Georgia. Hand-hewn logs and boards of the early pioneer days were used for homes and barns (still observed in some of the older homes).

During the early 1800s, large acreages of land were being accumulated to become what would eventually be known as historic plantations. Some early historic plantations of Newton County, Georgia include: Burge Plantation, owned by Thomas Burge; Mount Pleasant, owned by Henry L. Graves; Gaither Plantation; and Griffin Plantation.

With the unlimited demands, labor shortages, high prices and patriotic appeals to increase production brought on by the Civil War, major changes began. These demands brought about the increased use of horse-drawn machinery, changing the farming methods that had been used in Newton County agriculture in the past. This change, known as the first agricultural revolution, turned farmers from self-sufficiency to commercial production, especially in the cotton markets.

  • Alcovy Berry Farm

    Alcovy Berry Farm is a family owned business offering “we pick” or “you pick” blackberries and blueberries.

    (Blackberries, Blueberries, Jams, Jellies, Syrups)

    740 Lackey Road
    Covington, GA 30014

  • Berry’s Christmas Tree Farm

    Cut your own Christmas tree or choose a pre-cut tree. Berry’s offers fresh-made wreaths, boiled peanuts, decorations, and train rides. Make Berry’s your new family tradition! Varieties include: Leyland Cypress, Cedar, Virginia Pine, Carolina Sapphire, Frazier Fir and others.

    (Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Decorations, Train Rides)

    70 Mount Tabor Road
    Covington, GA 30014

  • Burge Organic Farm

    Burge Organic Farm grows diverse and delicious varieties of fruits and vegetables year-round on 16 acres of intensively managed cropland. Our goal is to grow food that is honest, clean and of the highest quality. We specialize in open-pollinated heirloom varieties, which enables us to save our own seed and create varieties that are unique to our farm – from our heirloom garlic, to harvests of wild plums, asparagus, baby okra, kiwis, and Asian specialty vegetables.

    (Seasonal Organic Fruits and Vegetables)

    44 Jeff Cook Road
    Mansfield, GA 30055

  • Circle G Farms

    We own a beef cattle operation and produce small grains, wheat, soybean, and also produce hay and straw. We sell natural beef upon request. We also perform custom farm work, bush hogging, plowing, fence and barn construction.

    (Beef Cattle, Hay, Straw, Grains, Farm Work)

    1754 Dixie Road
    Covington, GA 30014

  • Crystal Organic Farm

    Crystal Organic Farm is a family farm that focuses on growing high quality organic produce, fruit and flowers. Most produce is sold to various farmers markets, CSA, and restaurants in Atlanta.

    (Seasonal Organic Vegetables, Flowers, Eggs)

    425 North Johnson Street
    Newborn, GA 30056

  • Fox Vineyards

    The winery offers a variety of wines made on site; you might also have the opportunity to watch the actual process of harvesting or bottling of the wine! Wine tastings are available.

    (Wines, Jellies, Jams, Syrups)

    225 Highway 11 South
    Social Circle, GA 30025

  • Mitcham Farm / Col Cob’s Corn Maze

    Mitcham Farm has been in operation through five generations—well over one hundred years. Although farming and agriculture have changed, we support the preservation of agriculture resources for future generations. Pick your own strawberries!! We grow sweet corn, tomatoes, onions, and collards. We have horse-quality hay, wheat straw, pine straw and firewood. In the Fall, enjoy Col Cobs Corn Maze – a 7 acre corn field maze with over 2 miles of fun paths!

    (Strawberries, Seasonal Produce, Corn Maze, Family Fun)

    797 Macedonia Church Road
    Oxford, GA 30054

  • Mystic Mountain Alpacas

    Mystic Mountain Alpacas began as a small glimmer of an idea, five acres of dense forest, and a desire to build something special. We entered the Alpaca Lifestyle in 2009 with the purchase of our first alpaca and have since devoted our energies to creating a stock of strong, dependable foundation females and a stable of males who boast well-known blood lines as well as strikingly beautiful fleece, and perfect conformation.

    (Alpaca Sales, Support, Breedings, Agisting, Fleece, Yarn)

    17227 Highway 36
    Covington, GA 30014

  • Ramsey’s Produce

    Owned and operated by Jim Ramsey, the produce stand holds over 40 basic items. Fruits ranging from Washington apples and navel oranges to mangos and pomegranates, Ramsey’s has something to satisfy a variety of produce and fresh food cravings.

    (Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables)

    1158 Usher Street
    Covington, GA 30014